Right now we are looking for a new home. We live in a small appartment and want something bigger and of course I have a couple of ideas how to furnish the new home! (We have to find it first of course) In Amsterdam or Utrecht. As you can see I like minimalistic white in combination with vintage items. I have to visit a lot of markets I think...



 What are you looking at?
Relaxing @ Vondelpark | Quote at the Floriade | Me happy with my hat
Flower at Floriade | Arm party | T-shirt I wore at my bachelor party
Me with Marc Jacobs iPhone case | Swimming! | Outfit blue
With my love at the beach | Flowers | New skirt



  These photo's were taken in a small village with a beautiful lake. I had my beloved bag with me of course;) And finally I was wearing my new sunglasses from Ray Ban!! 

Pants: Zara
Top: Mango
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Old, bought them in Monaco
Bag: Marc Jacobs
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Earrings: Pieces



In exactly 1 month I'll leave for a nice vacation in Italy. We booked a Bed & Breakfast in the mountains but not too far from the sea in Marina Di Cecina and I really can't wait! Lovely dinners, wine and the beach of course. I'm already thinking of what to pack and I have a few things on my wish list before we leave!

Blouse: H&M | Bag: Zara | Hat: H&M | Sunglasses: Asos.com | Necklace: Net-a-porter.com | 
Shorts: Nelly.com | Shoes: Topshop.com



What I've been up to:

Bought new candles at Lifestyle | Flowers at my parents house | Old dress with necklace | Balloons | Roses at Niagara Waterfalls | My new sport shoes from Nike, bought them in sale |New sandals, gift from my mom | My armparty | Vintage flower in a glass